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In the centre of Verona

Avenue A.Diaz n.10

 La Bella Verona Ugolini can be easly reached by principal means of transport. 

Verona by car

In the centre of Verona follow stricktly linked indications. Do not arrive by car from the river Adige and cross Bridge Victoria heading via Diaz 10 (Landlord address).

 > Recommended route (one way only road from Castelvecchio) <  

 > Recommended Parking, Street A. Cappellini 2, Verona (16,00 Euro 24h) Be aware: exit by feet from the same entrance ! < 

Also follow these easy car paths to find us from :

Verona City Bus and Aerobus airport verona

From Verona Station Porta Nuova catch these bus: 21-22-23-24-41-61-91-94-95

Verona by plane

 Airport Valerio Catullo is only 13 km from our location in the centre of Verona. To reach La Bella Verona Ugolini, you can either grab a Taxi (about 30,00 Euro one way) or catch the Aerobus (6,00 Euro/p.p. departing every 20 minutes to Verona Train&Bus Station Porta Nuova). Then choose taxi, city bus, or a short walk

Verona by train

The train is probably the best mean of transport to arrive almost in the centre of Verona from all over Europe. Verona Train&Bus Station Porta Nuova is the nearest HUB to get to  La Bella Verona Ugolini (only 1,25 mile). Then choose taxi, bus, or a short walk.

Verona Taxi cub

 TAXI +39 045 532 666

Verona slow walk

Informations Verona

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